Year 5 Homework WB 2.7.17

Homework Overview – Explains What the homework tasks are.

Literacy Homework – I have given you an example persuasive letter which tells you what to do. Write a persuasive letter to an adult in the school asking for something to be changed. Remember to give reasons and use persuasive features to be taken seriously.

Maths Homework – We have been looking at time in class this week. Complete the time word problems on the worksheet.

Science Homework – Complete the worksheet asking about the gestation periods of mammals. It involves you cutting and sticking as well as doing some online research.

RE – We are going to be writing about Nelson Mandela and exploring how his actions helped make the Kingdom of God a reality. Research 5 noble things he did/achieved in his life. Did he have a lasting legacy?

Daily Act of Worship

Whilst the weather remains glorious, Jonah class have been using our fantastic Prayer Garden to complete our Daily Acts of Worship. Check out our photos!

Imperial War Museum Trip

Just a few of the photos from our fantastic trip to the Imperial War Museum to research the First World War! The children had a fantastic day out and learnt a lot.

Select members of year 5 were chosen to represent the school to take prt in a special Daily Mile race around St. James’ Park. With the majestic Buckingham Palace as a backdrop, the children competed against other schools in a very healthy day out!