Year 5 Viking Day 7.2.17

Year 5 Have been working on their journalistic writing skills through their topic on the Vikings. Newspaper Reports are usually broken into 7 main parts:


HEADLINE – usually 5 words and may feature alliteration or puns.


BY-LINE – this is who wrote the article and their position in the newspaper.


LEAD PARAGRAPH – this is approximately 17-24 words long and is pulled by the  5 ‘newshounds’: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and WHEN


FACTS, JUST THE FACTS – a news report is supposed to be impartial and offer only the events as they happened – no opinions!


QUOTES – witnesses may have their side of the story as to what happened. This is direct speech.


SOURCES – the quotes need to be backed up by who said them – they may be anonymous (refuse to give their names).


CLOSING STATEMENT – a final paragraph that explains what is happening in the story now (PRESENT TENSE) or what will happen (FUTURE TENSE).

Here are some radio reports, which the children recorded on dictaphones, about Thor’s hammer being found in a desert in New Mexico, America.

Addis, Amos, Evie, Yiannis

Amy, Josh, Leo

Ben, Lacey, Tristan

Florence, Henzo, Nya

Izzy, Joella, M.W., Nicholas

Carrell, Elektra, River

Emma, M.D., Sophia