Class Rap for Jonah to Learn

Hey everyone – here is the tune and the words to our class rap for next week!




Hey everybody, if you will listen,

We’ll learn the planets in the solar system.

Every planet in its right place

From our enormous Sun to outer space


The very first planet next to the Sun

Is Mercury. It’s the only one =

Without a trace of atmosphere.

Its surface is a cratered sphere.


The next planet out is the goddess of love,

Venus, the name, and just above

The horizon at dusk, but not too far,

Is the place to see it as the evening star.


Next planet out is our own Earth.

I hope by now you can see its worth.

As a place that’s safe for me and you.

With its air of nitrogen and O2.


We keep on moving out into space

And next find Mars as a landing place.

We’ve just found out there is water there

Maybe you could move house, if you dare!


Getting far from the Sun where the ice won’t melt,

We pass across the asteroid belt.

Then on to Jupiter, biggest of them all:

Its a methane, hydrogen, helium ball.


Jupiter also has a tiny ring,

But if you want to see the real thing,

Go twice as far before your stop,

And onto Saturn you will drop.


Alike in size, for what their worth,

Uranus and Neptune, much bigger than the Earth.

Hydrogen and water, a core that’s hot,

These two planets are easy to spot.


Uranus spins tipped on its side.

It has big rings, but not so wide

As big as Saturn? No way! NEVER!

The way it rotates means CRAZY weather!


Moving out from Neptune, far from the Sun.

Pluto is the last found one

Of all the planets that we know.

It was so tiny that it had to go


There’s lots more about the planets my friend

But this silly rhyming needs to end.

We need to rap ’bout stars sometime,

But it’s hard work thinking up a Sirius rhyme.