Music In Amos


This week we have been performing out ‘constellation’ music. This involved one person being the conductor as the others choose one note and sing it consistently. The conductor will then change the volume.


I’m going to try and upload the videos as soon as possible.




Mr Everden

Jamie’s Food Revolution in Year 5!

Last week we had great fun making the ‘Squash It Sandwich’. It was rather tasty and great fun to make. The children really enjoyed making the food from scratch and eating the deserved sandwich!


If you’d like to find more recipes for children to do please go to Jamie Oliver’s website:


IMG_0246 IMG_0205 IMG_0243 IMG_0238 IMG_0237

Our amazing cooking!

Year 5 homework



Homework was set last week and it is due in on Thursday.


Just one minor error was the spellings which said they were on the back. They were not. We decided that due to all the extra maths homework recently there will be no spellings for this week.




Mr Everden