Year 5’s half term

WOW it has been a fantastic fortnight in OLSJ for Year 5! We’ve had so many special events, so I thought I would do one big blog entry for all of them!


Last Week we had the school’s Grand Opening. It was lovely to share such a special day with the whole school, and Cardinal Vincent. As a whole year group we would like to thank all the people who worked so hard to make it such a success. We all really enjoyed it! I’m sure it will live long in the memory for all who attended.

IMG_0270 IMG_0274 IMG_0333 IMG_0362 IMG_0397


Amos Class Mass

Father Keith has also been in school for a special class mass in Amos class. This was very enjoyable.



Bike it! Smoothie

This was another fun event where the children were able to pedal a bike to mike a smoothie. These were very tasty!


Billingsgate Market

Both classes had the most amazing time when Paula came in and told us all about different fish. We even were able to cut up fish and pull the heads off prawns. It was great!


Homework for next week

Hi everyone,


Here is the homework for next week. Remember if your child finds it tricky please ask them to speak to us before the due date.



Spellings, some are pretty tricky so please read over them with your child to ensure they know how we say the words.


Year 5 Homework SPr2 week 5

Thanks for all your support over the half term.

Have a wonderful Easter! We will set homework next week, but it will be an extended research challenge based on our new topic, The World Around Us (looking mainly at weather).

Y5 Homework for the week

Good morning,


Please find attached Homework for year 5.


Both Maths groups will be getting worksheets in addition to this over the week. Please find attached Mr Everden’s group first homework sheet. Please have it back by Monday.

This will also be handed out during today’s lesson.


Mr E’s Maths group: Perimeter_and_Area


Homework sheet: Year 5 Homework SPr2 week 3 (handed out yesterday)



Children, don’t forget to put your books in the homework draws!


Thanks very much