Docklands Topic



Our new topic is the Docklands. We will be learning all about the history of the East End.

I love living in the East End because there is always something going on. I love walking doing Regents Canal and around the Limehouse Cut on a Sunday.

Old map of the East End

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Jonah on a Viking hunt! (written by Mark and Jacob)

On the 5th February Year 5 Jonah class went on a trip to the archaeology history museum.We found about lots of things even viking poo.Year 5 learned that Vikings had instead of eating pork they had boars which had fangs,they were very popular with the french and rich or elegant people. We also found out about what letters they used, we call it the alphabet but the vikings called it the viking runes. We went to the gallery and there were approximately 200,ooo boxes containing artefacts which were found in the area vikings settled.We even found some poisonous lead, that we weren’t allowed to touch because we would’ve caught a disease. In addition to learning about all this we also learnt that Vikings had a special needle that they could use for lots and lots of things for example they can use it for holding up their tunics [Long rags that Vikings wore.]

By Mark and Jacob (Jonah)


Well down guys – what a brilliant account of the day. We had an excellent day and learnt so much about how Vikings lived so long ago!


Mrs Edwards, Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Ayris and Ms Walker



IMG_0186 IMG_0193

This was the favourite thing the children saw all day...Can you guess what it is?

This was the favourite thing the children saw all day…Can you guess what it is?

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Amazing Vikings!

This term we have been learning all about The VIkings. Both classes went on a trip to the London Archaeological Centre. Here we looked at many different objects from The VIking era. For example we saw some Viking poo! This may sound distgusting, but it can actually tell us a lot about the Viking’s diet and illness. We even saw some artefacts we saw in pictures within our classed based learning.


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