Homework – Last Week and New Term

Hi everyone,


Homework over the Christmas holidays comes in two parts:


(Optiona)l- next term we will not be using our homework folders in the same way. So feel free to complete as many activities as possible in it. Anyone who completes all of a section, e.g. all of the maths tasks, gets 12 dojo point! WOW!


Read through and make a poster about the Anglo-Saxons. We will actually be learning about Anglo-Saxons against the Vikings, but try and build up a basic understanding of what the Anglo Saxons were.


USe these pages for information:




The best posters will be displayed on the school website and a special prize will be given, no bigger than A3, but use as many falps, picture stickers etc. you can!





Mr Everden and Mrs Edwards

Sound Collector Poetry

As something a little special we looked at one of Mr Everden’s favourite poems. It is written by Roger McGough, and it is called The Sound Collector. We were concentrating on using fantastic onomatopoeia and trying to rhyme. If you’ve ever tried to make a good rhyming poem you will know how hard this can be! Amos class worked really hard on this, and even though they found it tricky at first some of the final results we FANTASTIC!!!


One peom which really stood out to Mr Everden was Christopher’s poem. Thanks to Tam-Ann for helping him write it up on the computer.


What do you think of it? He did this all on his own in quite a short amount of time, and he’s only nine!





Catman, the Sound Collector


A stranger called this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every sound into a bag

And carried them away.


The whooshing of the water,

the ticking of the clock.

The beeping of the cars,

and the clicking of the lock.


the howling of the wolf,

the chugging of the train.

All of these sounds you can hear

as you cross the lane.


The turning of the gears,

the sploshing of the shark.

The purring of the cat

as the children are sleeping after the dark.


He took them all away without a single sound,

where did they go? Who knows,

but they are nowhere to be found!