Amos – Sky Studios Trip



On Tuesday 21st October our class went to Sky Studios in South London. We got there by a coach. The journey was really tiring but also fun.
We went there to learn about TV making and teamwork. Firstly we went in the scanner before we started are activities we had a lovely lunch. Once we had finished our lunch we all got split up into 4 groups the team leaders were Sal, Sam, B, and Maria.
Then Sal, Sam and B gave us I-pads we done a test about are self.

We watched a video made by Ashley Banjo, which contained the five things that makes a successful news report and how to work as a team. After that we went with our team leaders to separate studios. The studios were very professional with high tech equipment.
There were an editor, director, producer, cameraman, a reporter and an expert.
Our task was to create a news report about young people, which couldn’t stop spending their pocket money. The first shot we took was with out our costumes, which was a practice. Once we had finished that we went to our dressing room and got unusual costumes like Tyrone who was wearing a wig, which made him look like a lady. Also other people were dressed up in different clothes.

When we had finished shooting our news reports we were took on a tour around sky studios we went all around the studios. We also learnt facts about TV. Once we had finished amazing tour we waited in the dressing for the other group to get back from there tour. When they got back we all went back into the sharing room to watch our news reports altogether.

For the whole trip we all found this very entertaining. We learnt all about how TV works and we also learnt that this job is very challenging. Before we left we got a little gift from them the little gifts were a USB bracelet with our wonderful news report , we also got to keep our role clip and we got a brilliant certificate.

By Tyrone, Hollie and Nicole

What did you think about our Sky Studios trip?

Apollo 13

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This is our first post! We hope you will enjoy seeing all the fabulous things that we will be learning about over the year.

We have just finished our first person narrative on Apollo 13 and it was great fun with some brilliant writing to show for it at the end. Why not share your memories of Apollo 13? You can do it right on the comments section below.

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