Y4 Daniel – The Highs and Lows of Catherine of Aragon

LO: To consider the cause and effect of Henry’s divorce of Catherine of Aragon

-I can put in order the key events in Catherine of Aragon’s life. 

-I can decide whether the event was happy or sad for Catherine. 

I can conclude what I have learnt by writing a letter from the perspective of Catherine.

In today’s lesson, the children explored Henry’s rationale for his divorce of Catherine of Aragon and the changes to the church he needed to make in order to remarry. The children used chronological order to sequence the significant events in Catherine’s life and used these to create a human line graph of the highs and lows of Catherine of Aragon’s life.

To conclude on their findings, the children were then tasked with writing a letter from Catherine to Princess Mary.  They wrote from the perspective of Catherine, on her death bed and Mary had been taken away from her.

Daniel Class – Hot Seating

LO: To create questions and hotseat the role of a character. 

Today, the children in Year 4 enjoyed a lesson with a gripping hook. As the children arrived in class, they were asked to read this letter.

After this, the children were given a list of witnesses:

  • Two boys who claim they saw a alien sighting in Poplar Recreational Ground.
  • Police investigating the sighting.
  • An expert fro MUFON examining objects found at the scene.
  • Two walkers that heard noises and saw lights in the grounds.

The children were then split into pairs. Half were journalists and the other half were witnesses. The journalists were given the job of gathering as much information as possible whilst the witnesses needed to express their version of the story.

Y4 Daniel – Identity Parade

LO: To compare primary sources to identify Henry VIII

During Henry VIII’s reign some people tried to impersonate him so that they would be given lots of food and gifts. In today’s lesson, we explored primary sources in recognising the real Henry VIII by becoming detectives and took part in a police line-up identity parade to try and identify the real Henry.

Why are all the images chosen mainly from the 1530s?

Why were we all so sure that the other pictures were not of Henry?