Year 4 – Daniel – Has a Monster Broken into the School?

LO: To ask and answer effective questions

Last night a monster’s footprint appeared in the school! But where did it come from?

In today’s hook lesson, the children needed to create speculation about a mysterious monster’s footprint that appeared in the school overnight. To start, the whole class discussed who they thought the footprint belonged to; where the creature came from and why it has visited the school.
The children were then introduced to Bloom’s Taxonomy for questioning and this was used to model creating questions. After this, the children created their own effective questions using the matrix. In a group, the children then created their own questions and role played constructing suitable answers.

Year 4 – Daniel – Teeth Researchers

LO: To research different types of teach and their functions

This week in Science, the children in Year 4 used the enquiry skill of research. They used the internet to find out about the different teeth their functions. They counted their own teeth and used mirrors to record their observations. They then applied their research by creating videos to explain what they had learnt.

The children developed the following working scientifically skills:

I can use research to answer a question posed by my teacher.

I can record findings using simple scientific language.

I can communicate my findings orally.

Here are some snippets of our videos:

An explanation of our incisors

Let’s talk about canines!

Year 4 Daniel – Sacramental Art

LO: To show the sacraments of initiation through Art.

Today we looked at the sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist. We studied the symbols related to these sacraments and used our understanding of what they mean to create our own art work.

Here are some of our creations:

Year 4 Daniel – 3,4,3,4 Poem

LO: To memorise the plot of a story through a 3,4,3,4 poem.

This week, we have been completing deepening activities to help us become more familiar with the Real Story of the Gingerbread Man. To help memorise the plot of the story, the class was split up into groups and given the task of creating a 3,4,3,4 poem which told the story. Each group then performed their poem to the class whereby they were evaluated on what went well and given a next step.

Here is the poem we created as a class:

Stanza 1: I’m the fox,

This is my story!

A simple misunderstanding,

You’ll be the judge!

Stanza 2: 

Old Grandpa’s birthday,

Make a Gingerbread Man,

Put in the oven,

He’s off to the Golden Castle.

Stanza 3: Up over hills,

Two doughy legs came,

Through the forest,

Stopped at the river.

Stanza 4: I caught up,

Climb my wet nose,

OUCH! My eye,

Flung into the air.

Stanza 5: Had to choose,

Plummet or save him,

My jaw opened,

He accidentally slipped in!

Year 4 – Daniel It’s a Whoosh!

LO: To develop an understanding of characterisation through a Story Whoosh.

To help the children better understand the characters within the story, the class created a Story Whoosh. All children were given the opportunity to step in the shoes of a character. They displayed their understanding through altering their tone of voice, body language and improvising dialogue which the characters might have used. We also used freeze frames to get the children to express how they think a character is feeling and used evidence from the story to explain a character’s motives.