St Patrick’s Day

This afternoon, children in year 4 learnt about St Patrick’s Day. We started off by watching a video about St Patrick and then completed a reading comprehension. We then completed a wishing clover in which we made four wishes (for ourselves, our family, our friends and everyone) and coloured it in. To end our afternoon, we then had a go trying to learn how to Irish dance. We had so much fun!

It’s Science Day!

For Science Day, the children dressed up as scientists. The children were challenged to go against the stereotype by dressing up as a scientist which was not the norm. Here are some of the fantastic costumes the children came up with.

Papyrus Pictures

Following inspirations from a variety of primary and secondary sources, created their own Papyrus drawings. They followed their sketch ideas from a previous lesson and drew on papyrus styled paper that they had made. Here are our creations: