Maths week

This week in OLSJ it has been maths week. Each day, we were given different problem solving activities and had to work in groups to try and solve them. Our activites ranged from 3D shapes to Roman Numerals to Addition problems. We had so much fun!

Trip to the cinema

On Thursday, we went on a school trip to the local cinema where we watched Missing Link. The film was about the funny and gentle Mr. Link, the very last of his species, who wants to find a place to belong. He recruits Lionel Frost, the world’s greatest sleuth of myths and monsters, to help him find his rumoured cousins. Together they embark on a hilarious globe-trotting journey to find Link’s family. 

The film tied into our Science topic of living things and their habitats as well as Topic the environment. We had so much fun!!

RE – Advent Wreath

This week in RE, we have been looking at the season of Advent. We looked at different Advent traditions such as Jesse Tress, Advent calendars and Advent Wreaths. We learnt about the different symbols of the Advent Wreath such as the circular shape which symbolises God’s never-ending love for us.

We decided to create our own class Advent Wreath which is displayed on our prayer table. We used our hand prints for the wreath and added on the four candles which represent joy, love, hope and peace. We will add a flame to each candle for the four weeks of Advent as a count down to Jesus’ birth.

Remembrance Day

Today we talked about Remembrance Day and why it is important. We learnt that the 11/11 is the Anniversary of the Armistice of 1918 which effectively saw the end of hostilities in World War 1. We also learnt about the symbolism of the poppy.

We created cinquian poems to celebrate remembrance day. Once we had finished our poems, we then drew and coloured on poppies around our poem. A example of one of our poems is below. Some of our poems are on display in the corridors.


Strong Brave

Fighting Protecting Hiding

Proud Heartbroken Lonely Scared