It’s Black History Month

For Black History Month, the children learnt about Martin Luther King Jr. and the vital role his campaigning had on ending racial discrimination. In this lesson, the children begun creating tone, texture and surface detail on enrich a photo. The children used water colour skin tone pencils to mix and experiment in matching their skin tones over grayscale photos. Throughout the lesson, the children developed their observational skills by referring back to their original photos, looking at how the light effects tone and blending different colours to create new shades. Here are some examples of our started pieces:

Stay tuned to see how our work develops and our awesome finished pieces!

Shield Designers

For this weeks Topic Art lesson, the children used their colour matching and mixing skills to create their own Anglo-Saxon shields from their designs. Throughout the lesson, children used their observation skills to refer back to their original sketches in their books.

At the end of the Design and Technology process, the children completed an evaluation of their designs.

Science in Year 4

Today in Science, we explored the terms producer and consumer and looked at food chains. We then were given either a producer or consumer and had to go around the classroom to find others that would fit into our food chain. We had so much fun!

Maths in Year 4

Today the class explored partitioning of four digit numbers using concrete resources. In pairs, children divided their table using masking tape to form a place value chart. Using the four digit numbers provided, they partitioned the number into 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s using dienes and place value counters on their place value charts. To further secure their understanding of partitioning, they also completed the part-whole model for the number being represented.

Daily Act of Worship

Today, our first group delivered their Daily Act of Worship. The group gathered their classmates together by singing come and join me in the circle.

For their word, the group read Genesis 50:22-26 and then the children prayed for the needs of others.

The Death of Joseph

As their mission, the children were set the task of creating a postcard that reflects what they had heard. They then took these home to share with their families.