Anne of Cleves Portrait

In Topic we have been looking at Henry the VIII and his wives. We have been looking at Anne of Cleves and we found out all about how Henry VIII wanted to divorce her because he claimed she looked nothing like her portrait! Here our some of our portraits of Anne of Cleves:

Tricky Temperatures!

To start with, the children worked in groups to complete a hypothesis starter. Using the picture cards provided, the children categorised the pictures into 4 different groups: will melt at low temperatures; will melt at warm temperatures; will melt at scorching hot temperatures and will not melt.

The children then moved on to test their predictions by investigating whether all materials melt at the same temperature. The children were given: ice cubes, butter, chocolate and a candle. They then made verbal predictions about which of the objects would melt at room temperature. The items were then placed in the same spot of the classroom and left for an hour. After an hour had passed, the children returned to the objects to observe that had happened. They created their own conclusions in their books.

Are Aliens Really Calling?

Today, the children in Year 4 enjoyed a lesson with a gripping hook. As the children arrived in class, they were asked to read this letter and place it in their bags.

After this, the children were given a list of witnesses:

  • Two boys who claim they saw a alien sighting in Poplar Recreational Ground.
  • Police investigating the sighting.
  • An expert fro MUFON examining objects found at the scene.
  • Two walkers that heard noises and saw lights in the grounds.

The children were then split into pairs. Half were journalists and the other half were witnesses. The journalists were given the job of gathering as much information as possible whilst the witnesses needed to express their version of the story.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera

The children also performed some of their interviews using journalistic language.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera