Let’s Celebrate Chinese New Year!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Daniel Class created Chinese lanterns. The lanterns were made out of red and yellow card. This is because, in Chinese culture, the colour red is a symbol of happiness and yellow represents wealth. Chinese lanterns symbolise a wish for a bright future. Therefore we wrote our own wishes and attached them to our lanterns. Daniel class decorated their lamps with a range of glitter stars and had a lot of fun whilst doing so! We hope you enjoy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

To celebrate Chinese New Year we made some Chinese Lanterns. They are a symbol of a bright future and are used in many Chinese celebrations. On the eve and the last day of new year celebrations lanterns are released.

We then wrote wishes on a tag and attached it to our lantern with string. These wishes were about what we want to achieve, what we want for our friends and family and what we want to improve in ourselves.

Ice Ice Daniel …

Despite the weather, Daniel Class visited Canary Wharf’s Ice Rink and what fun it was! The children enjoyed supporting one another in learning how to skate as it was the first time ice skating for many of the children. Many faced their fears, beginning with using a polar bear to support, to becoming independent skaters! We had many laughs, many falls and ended on a high with a class race.

Dividing Decimals!

In pairs the children worked out questions that included dividing two-digit numbers by 10 and 100, where they could identify the value of the digits in the answers in ones, tenths and hundredths. The children draw place value grids on their tables and used multilink to represent the value of each number. The children knew to move the multilink one space to the right when dividing by 10 and two spaces to the right when dividing by 100.

3,4,3,4 Poem

To help remember the plot of our new class story story Gelert, the class were split up into groups and given the task of creating a 3,4,3,4 poem to re-tell the story. Each group then performed their poem to the class. Here is the poem we created as a class:

Many years ago,

Lived a courageous prince,

Called almighty Llwelyn,

He cherished beloved baby,

They went hunting,

With bows and swords,

Through the woods,

Loyal Gelert protecting baby,

Soon sun set,

Llwelyn returned back home,

Furniture upturned chaos,

Blood smeared cot,

Panic-stricken temper,

Scarlet red, blood everywhere,

Frantically, stabbing, Gelert,

Limping, staring, heartbroken,

Shriek, wail, cry,

Finds baby behind crib,

Sees dead wolf,

Llewlyn is so remorseful.