What on Earth is Decoupage?

For Art Week, Year 4 produced a series of Dream Art Work inspired by Salvador Dali.

The Dream Painting – Salvador Dali

The children looked at aspects of their dreams and story boarded a sequence from a dream they remembered. We then used the French technique of Decoupage to create our own dream catchers. Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts onto an object in combination. We choose from a selection of Romantic themed images and covered paper plates. When finished, we used tissue paper and glitter to decorate the edges and attached feathers to our dream catchers. Here are some pictures of us making our dream catchers.

Recycling Debate!

In Topic we are learning about the environment. We learnt about our carbon footprint and how this can impact the environment. We looked at ways of reducing our carbon footprint by reusing, reducing and recycling.  Then, we had a debate about whether recycling is important or not. It think it is safe to say, recycling won!