Year 4 Tower of London School Trip

Year 4 went on a school trip to the Tower of London today. We attended a workshop with Master Thomas on the King beneath the armour to learn more about Henry VIII. It was really interesting. We also had a look round some of the towers where prisoners were kept, and saw some of the instruments that were used to torture prisoners. As we were walking around, we met a prisoner named John and even Anne Boleyn’s cousin who works for her in the court! She was telling us all about the tournament she had attended with Henry VIII and Anne and how her fiance had gone missing. It was very interesting and we had lots of fun! Here are some photos from our day.


Year 4 Homework WB 10.05.18

Remember to practise your spellings and multiplications and to read your reading book every night (30 minutes). Please remember to get your reading record signed also – indicate the name of the book and pages being read eg. Charlie and the Glass Elevator, Pages 1 – 32. Use the web links on the year 4 page for Numeracy and Literacy games to practise your skills. Homework is due in on Tuesday 15th May.


Complete the worksheet in your homework book on the time. Write the times in analogue and digital.


On an analogue clock, the big hand is minutes and the little hand is hours.

On a digital clock, the first digit is hours and the second digit is minutes (and MUST be two digits long).

Log on to TimesTablesRockstar (link on the blog) and contribute to the Jeremiah Vs Daniel timestable battle. The battle ends 15th May. You need to log in and try your best to beat the other class!


Write your own haiku. Remember, 5-7-5. The first and last lines have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables.


Research why May is the month of Mary. Fill in the activity sheet on Mary and write a special prayer to Mary Our Mother.