Jeremiah’s quality time with Sister Christine

Spending some quality time with Sister Christine.

Today Sister Christine came to visit Jeremiah class and we had some great conversations. Sister Christine told us about some of the amazing work she does with our community which was really inspiring! She even recognised some of us from helping out in our local community. We talked about what we wanted to be when we grow up and how important it is to reach for the stars and follow our dreams. Sister Christine reminded us that God made us all in his image and will always love us, so we have to be sure to love ourselves too. It’s what we do that makes us good people, kind acts and kind words, so only by loving ourselves can we love others and follow in God’s image by spreading that love and kindness in the world. We also talked about Nelson Mandela and his inspiring acts. Even though he had some tough times, God’s love helped him through it. We really learned a lot from Sister Christine’s visit and we hope she comes back again soon.

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