Jeremiah Year 4 trip to the Soanes centre

We went to the Soanes centre in Bow to learn about the different habitats and the animals that live in them. There we looked at a woodland to find different organisms within them.


We also use a net in a pond to collect different animals in a tray and then used a key to work out what the animals were.

Here are some picture from the trip.

IMG-20170120-WA0001 IMG-20170120-WA0003 IMG-20170120-WA0005 IMG-20170120-WA0007 IMG-20170120-WA0008 IMG-20170120-WA0010 IMG-20170120-WA0011 IMG-20170120-WA0012 IMG-20170120-WA0016 IMG-20170120-WA0017 IMG-20170120-WA0018 IMG-20170120-WA0019 IMG-20170120-WA0022 IMG-20170120-WA0000IMG-20170120-WA0023 IMG-20170120-WA0024 IMG-20170120-WA0027 IMG-20170120-WA0029 IMG-20170120-WA0031IMG-20170120-WA0033 IMG-20170120-WA0034 IMG-20170120-WA0035 IMG-20170120-WA0037 IMG-20170120-WA0038 IMG-20170120-WA0039

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