Year 4 Daniel Class – Beowolf!

We have created some extraordinary work in our class over the past few weeks!

Firstly, we listened to the 1000 year old story of ‘Beowolf’; the fearsome warrior from Sweden who planned to sail to Denmark to defeat the evil monster: the gruesome Grendel!

In the first week we used persuasive language to debate whether or not Beowolf should kill Grendel and our debates got pretty heated!

In the second week, as part of our writing task we wrote letters to Beowolf pretending to be either Beowolf’s fellow warriors or his family members! Then, we used persuasive and emotive language to convince him to either stay or go!

In order for the letters to look real, after we wrote them we dipped them in coffee and ripped the edges to give them their ancient look…



IMG_0069 IMG_0068 IMG_0067 IMG_0061 IMG_0060

Some of the best new features of writing we learnt were: rhetorical questions, time connectives, exaggeration and flattery. Challenge: Can you spot them in this excellent letter?

New Doc 24_1


Unfortunately, our letters to convince and persuade Beowolf to NOT go were so good, that he ended up staying home in Sweden with his family! This meant there was a job vacancy and we had to advertise for a new warrior to sail to Denmark and kill Grendel. Just have a look at this example. Would you apply for the job?

New Doc 25_1

Well done Daniel class, you real created some fantastic work. 🙂

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