Dictionary Challenge

Last week we dug a plethora of dictionaries out and set ourselves some challenges to find new words. Words are amazing when you think about it! One simple word on a page can conjure up a whole world of pictures in your mind!

P1050937 P1050935


Also, when Mr W was perusing the internet, he found some words from other languages that can’t directly be translated into English…fascinating!

Untranslatable words



Have a look at these words and see if you can use one of them (or even more than one) this week in school! There’ll be a dojo point up for grabs for anyone who uses it in their work!



Jeremiah Class Rosary.

P1050939 P1050940 P1050942 P1050943 P1050944 P1050946 P1050947


In Year 4, We have been learning about the Rosary and the meaning of each bead. Last week, we created large beads out of papier mache and today we painted them. We are going to create a class rosary, and we will show you pictures as soon as it is done!

Daniel Class Soane’s Centre Trip

Off we went!

Off we went!

What a morning we had!

Exploring, classifying, catching and pond dipping. All in a day’s work for Daniel class!

Coming up with habitats

We met our guide Theresa who got us talking about the many different types of habitat there are in the world.

Can you remember which ones we came up with? 

Then we set off to look at our first habitat: The woodland!

P1050818 P1050820 P1050821 P1050824 P1050825 P1050829 P1050827 P1050831 P1050833 P1050836 P1050837 P1050841

We found tons of insects and used the key to identify them. Do you remember which ones you found?


Then we made our ways to the grassland (meadow), going past some beehives on the way!

P1050843 P1050856 P1050852 P1050850 P1050849 P1050848 P1050845

After a spell catching insects with nets, we headed off to our final habitat: The pond!

P1050860 P1050871 P1050870 P1050864 P1050862

We dipped for pond life and found some incredible stuff. Can you remember any of the names of creatures?


We look forward to doing lots of follow up research on what we found on our trip! For now, try this Challenge:

What animal did we find only in:




And finally, what animal was found in all three?

Write your answer in the comment section, correct answers get a DOJO point!



As you will know already, October is the month of the Rosary. We created some great ones of our own today to mark the occasion!

Here is the website we used in class. Explore it for yourself and have a listen to the prayers.

Interactive Rosary

Check back everyday and you’ll see that the mystery changes depending on what day of the week it is!


Challenge: See if you can remember the prayers in order!

Haikus & Ant-ics

What an ant-astic day we’ve had!


We started off by writing haikus based on animals using a range of adjectives. Can you guess what animals Hanny is describing in these haikus?Jpeg


This afternoon our new additions to the classroom finally arrived to much excitement! We will be looking closely at how our ants create their own habitat as the weeks go by!




Challenge: Do you think you could write a haiku based on ants? Have a go in the comment section!

Jeremiah Class trip to the Soane Centre

P1050780 P1050781 P1050783

As part of our topic on habitats, Jeremiah Class took a trip on Tuesday to the Soane Centre. After a long walk in the sun from Our Lady and St Joseph’s, we arrived and were greeted by Theresa. We wrote down all the habitats we knew, and we knew many! Some included, rain forests, the ocean, the arctic, the desert and a meadow. Cape suggested a sewer as a habitat and Theresa was very impressed! Although it is man-made, a sewer is a habitat that supports a range of organisms. Armed with a clipboard, pencils and paper, we headed out to the woodland, where we recorded all the creepy crawlies that we could find. Karolina found loads of insects, including two species of lady birds. With our partners, we found worms, ants, bees, lady birds, earwigs and much more!

P1050788 P1050791 P1050792 P1050793 P1050794 P1050795 P1050796 P1050798 P1050799 P1050801 P1050802 P1050804

Then we continued onto the grassland habitat, where we got to use nets to investigate what organisms we could find there. We were surprised by the amount of flowers that were still around. The Autumn Crocuses were especially beautiful.

P1050805 P1050806 P1050807 P1050811

As the day came to a close, we investigated the pond by the Soane Centre. Once again, we used nets. Each of us had a go at dipping the net into the pond, making sure we carefully did a figure eight with our net, and deposited our findings in a tray. We found loads of larvae that we identified with a key that Theresa gave us. Brogan identified the main plant in the pond habitat: Duck Weed. We even found a few snails with algae all over their shells!

Although a bit tired, we made it back to school all in one piece, with a wealth of knowledge to use in our science lessons later on in the term. Well done Jeremiah class!


Miss Sunden


PS. Please leave comments about what you learnt and what you enjoyed the most!


This week we learnt all about identifying lines of symmetry in 2-D shapes! We took our learning outside, using the squares on the ground to create symmetrical patterns. Have a look at the results!

P1050740 P1050741 P1050745 P1050748

Sometimes learning can be a bit messy!

Sometimes learning can be a bit messy!

Can you find anything symmetrical in your house or outside?

Symmetry is everywhere!

Soane’s Centre trip

WE are looking forward to our Year 4 trip to the  Soane Centre next Tuesday and Thursday! Jeremiah class will be going on Tuesday 7th October, in the afternoon and Daniel Class will be going on Thursday 9th October in the morning. We will be doing a Habitats workshop. Please see the link below.



What are you looking forward to the most and why?

The Soane Centre