Y4 Daniel – The Highs and Lows of Catherine of Aragon

LO: To consider the cause and effect of Henry’s divorce of Catherine of Aragon

-I can put in order the key events in Catherine of Aragon’s life. 

-I can decide whether the event was happy or sad for Catherine. 

I can conclude what I have learnt by writing a letter from the perspective of Catherine.

In today’s lesson, the children explored Henry’s rationale for his divorce of Catherine of Aragon and the changes to the church he needed to make in order to remarry. The children used chronological order to sequence the significant events in Catherine’s life and used these to create a human line graph of the highs and lows of Catherine of Aragon’s life.

To conclude on their findings, the children were then tasked with writing a letter from Catherine to Princess Mary.  They wrote from the perspective of Catherine, on her death bed and Mary had been taken away from her.