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Amazing homework from Year 3 Saint Bernadette class!

The children in Year 3 Saint Bernadette have been working very hard producing some excellent pieces of homework…

Emilia C designed and made an amazing Roman outfit!

Scarlett did some research on different countries that that had been taken over by the Roman Empire…

Alexander made an exceptional Roman shield and created a 3D model of Moses parting the Red Sea! We are learning a lot about the story of Exodus in our R.E lessons at the moment.

Irene also made a fantastic shield – with the addition of a sword! She did some research on Roman life and presented it as a poster.

If you have any amazing homework to share, please bring it in or send it to

Y3 AUT2 RE homework

This half term, as part of our RE homework we could choose on of the following;

1.Design your own Catholic Church- remember to include all the signs and symbols you have learned about in school and seen in our local church.

2. Design a ‘shared sacred space’ for Christians and Jews-consider similarities and differences when creating your design.

3. Design a ‘shared sacred space’ for a hospital, airport, prison or shopping. Consider how this could accommodate Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and non-religious people.

Here are some of our fantastic projects we have made in Year 3!

Year 3 trip to the Natural History Museum

Today we went on an exciting trip to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington; we travelled via tube to the musuem. Whilst in the museum we explored fossils, linking to our previous story in Literacy- Stone Girl, Bone Girl. We also looked at different types of rocks which relates to our topic in Science last half term, Rocks.

Y3 online Fossils workshop

As part of our topic- Rocks in Science last half term, we took part in an online workshop yesterday to deepen our understanding of rocks. We explored how fossils are formed through research and discussion of the different kinds of living things whose fossils are found in sedimentary rock. We had lots of fun learning how fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the earth millions of years ago!

Y3’s Daily Act of Worship

As part of one of our DAOW sessions this week, the children enjoyed creating a collage about thanking God for his creation. We gathered togather and made the sign of the cross with our thumb on the person next to us’ forehead. We then listened to the word which was the scripture story of The Temptation of Jesus. Our response to the word was to create the collage itself; and our mission was the make a promise to follow the message of Jesus.

Year 3’s Half Termly Project

This term, the children will be reading The Iron Man. To support their learning, we got the children to design and make their own Iron Man class projects at home. Lots of children have brought in many great Iron Man projects that we have displayed around the classroom- here are just a few of them. Well done Year 3!