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Maths fun !!!

Today in Maths we looked at showing numbers in the form of dienes and vice versa. We used dienes, whiteboards and pens to explore how we can show numbers in the form of words, numerals and dienes. We had lots of fun and it was an exciting end to such a great week!

How to make a jam sandwich

This week in Literacy we presented our new model text- ‘How to make a jam sandwich’ to the rest of the class so we could really understand what our instructions needed to tell us to do. We acted it out as if we were doing a vlog, using signposts and actions which has made us feel more confident about writing instructional texts. All that spreading butter and jam was hard work!

Isaiah Class Chats with Sister Chris

This afternoon, Isaiah class enjoyed their chat with Sister Chris. They discussed the presence of God within our human experience and how our relationship with God can be strengthened through prayer. The children spoke about the importance of thanking God for His creations. Sister Chris spoke about the Glory Be to God and explained that his prayer thanks God.

Glory be to the Father,
and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit:
As it was in the beginning,
is now,
and ever shall be,
world without end.

The children set the mission to
thank someone they know.

Natural History Museum trip

Today we visited the Natural History Museum as part of our Science topic- Fossils. We had lots of fun travelling to the museum and looking at different types of fossils whilst we were there, that related to our learning. What a perfect way to end our first half-term in Year 3!

RE Autumn 2- Homework

AT2 Question- to be completed on the RE Blog the first and last week of term

Why is celebrating the birth of Jesus important?

RE Homework Project

Create your own Nativity scene based on Matthew’s version of the Nativity Story. You can design this in the art form of your choice, for example 2d or 3d.

This needs to be handed in by Tuesday, 8th November at the latest.

Art in year 3

Today in Art, we carefully planned how we were going to make our own Lion Man out of clay. First, we recapped what we did in our previous lesson where we learned facts about the Lion Man and did rough sketches of him. Then, we planned out what shapes and sizes we’d need for each part of our sculpture before putting our plan to action and making the Lion Man! We were very proud of our sculptures.


This week for our P4C (Philosophy for Children) session, we watched a video from the website The Literacy Shed. We then thought of our own questions we would like to ask about the video before sharing the questions with the rest of the class. As a group, we then voted for which question we would like to explore. After choosing a question, we spent the afternoon exploring answers to the question we had voted for!

Au revoir!

Bonjour! This week in French we have been learning how to say goodbye. We explored the new vocabulary as a class and then went off into smaller groups to create our own fun role plays, whilst making sure we included saying goodbye in French in these role plays. We then presented our role plays back to the class- below are a few pictures of us presenting our role plays to the class!