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Fraction in Year 3

Today, year 3 were lucky to have a visit from Mrs Foley from the Maths Hub and she introduced us to fractions. We looked at parts and the whole. After discussion, we came to the conclusion that the parts are always smaller than the whole. The whole can be represented by anything. For example, If the head is the whole, the eyes are part of the whole. If the body is the whole, the head and arms are part of the whole. A whole can also have more than 2 parts. We concluded that the whole is the sum of all the parts. We also looked at the part whole model to help us visualise the whole and the parts.

New headteachers award stickers!

A big well done to Christopher and Harry for working their way up to gold on our Gospel Values chart. Both Christopher and Harry have been following the Gospel Values recently and they have been producing some great work, especially in handwriting with Ms Nazir. Keep up the good work! Mr Sands, Mr Devereux and the rest of Y3 Isaiah class are really proud!