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Recently during our PSHE lessons, we have been looking at anti-bullying. This week we watched videos linked to anti-bullying which led to a discussion about bullying; what bullying consists of and what we can do to prevent bullying from taking place. We then worked independently to create our own anti-bullying posters. Here are some examples of our creative anti-bullying posters that we made in class!

3,4,3,4 Poems

LO: To memorise the plot of a story through a 3,4,3,4 poem.

To help memorise the plot of Stone Girl Bone Girl, the class was split up into groups and
given the task of creating a 3,4,3,4 poem which told their section of story. Each group
then performed their poem to the class whereby they were evaluated on what went well
and given a next step. Here is the poem we created as a class.

Here is our class poem:

A seaside town,
Lived an inquisitive girl,
Mary loved Pepper,
Pepper told a tale.

Mary sees curiosity!
Shining like the Sun.
Thinks it’s treasure,
Mary dreams about it.

Supportive as ever,
Pepper encourages his daughter.
He gets weaker,
Mary is very alone.

Winter to Summer,
Mary’s mother became poor.
Sells her curiosities
The people loved them.

Mary noticed something!
She removed the sand…
It was boney!
Their lives changed forever.