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Letters from Job.

Here are some of the excellent pieces of writing coming out of the unquestionably talented Job class.

A massive shout out to Caterina, who has managed to use personification in this brilliant piece of writing.
A wonderfully positive message from Giulia!
Here’s some of that same positivity in art form
A fantastic poem by Jessie! Deep stuff!
Ava letting us know what she’s up to with this lovely poem!

3 Replies to “Letters from Job.”

  1. Well done Caterina, Giulia, Jessie and Ava!!
    Brilliant work!! Really enjoyed your stories and poems. Keep up all the good work. Hope you are all staying safe and well and can’t wait to see you very soon. Miss you loads
    Mrs Sullivan xx

  2. Wow wow amazing girls such beautiful and moving poems and writing of how “lockdown 2020” has been for you all.

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