Year 3 Homework 9.11.18

Remember to read your reading record every night (20 minutes). Please remember to get your reading record signed also – indicate the name of the book and pages being read eg. Charlie and the Glass Elevator, Pages 1 – 52.

Homework is due in on Tuesday the 13th November.



Complete the attached reading comprehension – Remember to underline or highlight your answers.


Please begin practicing your times tables in the times table booklet – Complete the first page.


Please learn the spellings attached ready for a spelling test next Friday.


What is Advent? Please answer the question and draw a picture that you think represents Advent.

Have a great weekend!

2 comments on “Year 3 Homework 9.11.18

  • Bonitel Y3 Isaiah says:

    For the RE , i liked it because its about god and jesus. And Advent. You can pray and go to the pray garden


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