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Year 3 homework due date Tuesday 23rd May 2017



Read every day for at least 10 minutes. Please remember your child must have their book signed. Every fortnight children are expected to do a book review of a book they have been reading or have read, children can pick these up from the classroom and stick them into their homework books


Please practice: klzxc


Write a persuasive letter to Mr Devereux about why we shouldn’t have homework every night of the week

Ask your teacher for the sheet


Maths: fractions sheet (Ask your teacher for the sheet)


Sit by your window for ten minutes and count the cars that pass.

If not many go by then count cars parked down a local road.

  • record the different colour of the cars, you will need about 20 cars.
  • Record it in a tally chart
  • Then change the data into a bar chart
  • What colour is the most popular?
  • What is the least popular?
  • What is the difference between the most popular colour and the least popular colour?

Spellings: write the spellings within an interesting sentence.

A: thin, thick, think thump, thank, bath

B: angrily, clumsily, easily, happily, heavily, hungrily, lazily, luckily.

C: prettily, readily, speedily, steadily, wearily, hungrily, necessarily, guilty.

Mr Everden and Miss Patel

Why The Rainforest Matters


In Class we have been doing lots of learning relating to the Rainforest. We have been really engaged with the topic and have discussing why it matters within our environment.

Children stood up in groups and discussed why it is important and what we could do to save it. All the children were very clear and were full of interesting information!

Amazing Atlas Work

It is amazing how far technology has come! However, one key thing to learn to use is an Atlas. In class we started by looking at what our own country was like. We explored England and how we can use a key to find out specific information.

Many were amazed at the sized of London. We then started looking at The Rainforest, which is our topic.