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Growth Mindset Assembly

What type of things do you say?
What type of things do you say?

As a class, we have been looking at The Growth Mindset Theory.


This is something we have been learning about in class. We have recently completed homework tasks relating to it. Some of them were amazing! Why not come and see our display outside Isaiah class?



Click here to watch the advert for our new ‘potion‘ we made.



Year 3 homework due 31st Jan



Please practice: qwert


Stone girl Bone girl

 Write a diary entry as the dog in stone girl bone girl. Write about when you were found by Mary Anning. How did you feel? Why were you at the top of the mountain? What happened?

When the fossil was sold, why did you disappear? Where did you go?

 Start with …

 Dear Diary…

Maths: Colour in the fractions

Maths: Extension;

Use home-made cards 0-9 placed in a mug. Find a partner to work with. (pack of number cards printed at the back of the pack ready to be cut out)

  1. Take 3 cards each and arrange them to make a 3-digit number.
  2. Look at your number and write the number that must be added to it to make the next ten.
  3. Look at the next ten and write the number that must be added to it to make the next hundred.
  4. Add these two answers to make a 2-digit number.
5. Compare your numbers. The person whose number is nearest 50, takes a point.
6. Replace the cards, shake the mug and play again. 7. Continue playing until someone has ten points!


A: class, grass, less, stress, boss, fuss, gas, bus

B/C: accidentally, address, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle, breath, build

Spellings should be practiced daily, please write them the homework book. Please also write them within sentences. These spellings have no linked pattern, but are needed for the new national curriculum.

Spelling group A’s spellings are to reinforce phonics patterns, any word in red does not follow the phonic rule.

Thank you

Mr Everden and Miss Patel

Mary Anning Newspaper work

In Isaiah and Job we have been looking at what makes a good newspaper article.

We have looked at the key features and the type of language we should be using.

Here is our current Story Map. Can you retell it to a member of your family?


We will ROCK YOU

This half term our Science is based around Rocks and Soils. We have an amazing school trip planned and Job will be doing an assembly on the subject in a few days.

Does anyone remember the different types of rocks? Can you name any, there’s clues on our displays and examples to investigate!IMG_4325 IMG_4329

Stone Girl Bone Girl!

In Year 3 we have been learning all about Mary Anning. She was a famous paleontologist who lived in Lyme Regis.


We looked at her life through English and also as part of our Science Topic.


Here is the display in Isaiah ClassMary Anning

Year 3 homework due 17th Jan



Read every day for at least 10 minutes. Please remember your child must have their book signed. Every fortnight children are expected to do a book review of a book they have been reading or have read, children can pick these up from the classroom and stick them into their homework books


Please practice: hfwa


Write a diary entry pretending to be a Mary Anning. In class we have already written about the day Mary Anning found the 65 million years old fossil. Write a diary entry about the day the fossil was sold. What happened? How did you feel? Where did the fossil end up?

Maths: (please practice times tables by writing them in your book along with your number bond either 10,20,50 or 100)


This week’s spelling pattern is: k: ch

A: choir asked saw looked very your

B: stomach schedule mechanic chaos character choir

C: chemistry chemical chorus architect orchestra scheme technology

Spellings should be practiced daily, please write them the homework book. Please also write them within sentences.

Thank you

Mr Everden and Miss Patel

RE – The Beatitudes

This half term we have been looking at what The Beatitudes were and what Jesus was telling us.

Why not explain the three Beatitudes below in your own words, or swing over to the RE pages on our Blog and write how you feel regarding our AT2 question.



Dreams and Goals

In Isaiah and Job Class we have been looking at Dreams and Goals within SMSC, we have been thinking about what we need to do to achieve these aims.

We have also been looking at The Growth Mindset Theory to develop resilience, and confidence through hard work and effort. IMG_4323