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Year 3 homework: due 6th December 2016



Read every day for at least 10 minutes. Please remember your child must have their book signed. Every fortnight children are expected to do a book review of a book they have been reading or have read, children can pick these up from the classroom and stick them into their homework books


Please practice: bptd


  1. Use the internet or non-fiction to research other Roman Gods and fill in the cards. (Ask your teacher for the cards) 

Maths :

Complete the maths sheet provided by your teacher

Maths: Extension

  1. You will need: four 2p coins and two 1p coins.
2. Play with a partner – one person collects heads, the other

collects tails.
3. Tip four 2p coins and two 1p coins out of a cup. 4. Count up the amount in heads, e.g. 6p – one person scores this!

  1. Count up the amount in tails, e.g. 4p – the other person scores this!
  2. Write the sum: 6p + 4p = 10p.
7. Put the money back in the cup and tip it out again.
  3. Count up the amounts in heads and tails, e.g. 2p + 8p = 10p, record your scores and write the sum.
  4. Repeat this twenty times. 10. Who has the largest score?

11. Bring all your twenty sums into class – we shall look to see if all combinations are equally likely!



This week’s spelling pattern is: i:y (middle)


A: could should house made day children from


B: myth gym Egypt pyramid mystery hymn crypt crystal


C: gypsy lyric mystery oxygen physics symbol system symptom syrup typical


Spellings should be practiced daily, please write them the homework book. Please also write them within sentences.

Have fun!

Thank you

Miss Patel and Mr Everden