Year 3 homework (due date 16th May 2016)

Make sure you read night and get your reading records signed please!

Handwriting practice:


You should be following the handwriting policy we learn in class and implementing this in your homework book. Remember your ascending letters and descending letters.


The film The Incredibles is about a family who are all superheroes! What superhero would you like to give each  super hero?

  1. Talk to each person to see which superhero they would prefer. You could make them funny or unusual, e.g. ‘Dad-the Extraordinary Vacumming Man!
  2. Write a sentence about each person.


  1. Choose a number between 90 and 100
  2. write it down
  3. your partner subtract 9 and writes the answer under the first number.7
  4. you subtract 9 from their number and write the answer underneathe
  5. keep going like this till you reach a number less then 10.
  6. compare the bottom and top numbers
  7. start again with a different number
  8. repeat three times

learn your spelling for the week

A: good, stood, wood, hood, could, would, should, blood flood.

B; poisonous, dangerous, mountainous, famous, perilous, luminous, marvellous, adventurous

C: marvellous, adventurous, nervous, ridiculous, miraculous, mischievous, carnivorous, herbivorous, omnivorous

Science: The life cycle of a flowering plant.


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