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Year 3 Job and Isaiah Homework (Due in 11th April)

Please complete the homework sheet over the Easter break. Thank you.

Pratice your timetables. (you will be tested)

Handwriting: Practice : rewqas

Reading should be done everyday for atlas 10 minutes. If you have finished your book, you can do a book review in your homework books or write a character profile about one of the characters from your reading book.


Think of somewhere in your house that is really disorganised, like under your bed or one of the cupboards!

Write down ten or more things found in this place. Help sort it out by writing the list of things out again in alphabetical order.


Can you create a cylinder that holds exactly one litre of dried beans, lentils, or rice?

first measure one litre by tipping rice, lentils or beans into a measuring jug that has 1 litre marked on it, or else using three mugs (a mug is a third of a litre). Then use a sheet of paper and sellotape or glue to create a cylinder. fill it and then adjust its height or dimeter to make it so that it holds EXACTLY one litre of lentils, rice or beans. Bring your cylinder into school.


A: hip, shop, shed, shin, shell, fish, rush, crash, trash

B: react, redo, renew, reject, reheat, repeat, rewrite

C: refill, reform, refresh, refuse, repay, replace, replay, return, reuse, revisit, redo, refresh

Thank you

Have fun over the Easter break and be safe!

Mr Everden and Miss Patel