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New Term Topic (The Stone Age

Next term we will be learning aboutthe Stone Age.


This is a fascinating topic. We would like you to find out some key facts about the subject. Watch these videos:


Please write the facts into your history book. Around a page would be good.


Thanks and have a wonderful Merry Christmas,


Mr Everden and Ms. Patel


Christmas Work

Merry Christmas… Well nearly!


Here are some Christmas word problems.

Year 3 Homework


This will be the final homework of this term. The next piece will be a research task over the school holidays. Please look on the blog to find out.

If you would like any more work please have a go at Sum Dog to complete some maths questions

Year 3 Homework (due date 7th December 2015)


This term, in science we have been looking at animals including humans. We have also been learning about the different types of foods and the types of nutrients.

For this weeks homework year 3 need to monitor their diet. They need to draw or write what they ate and drank each day. then write down which food gave them the different types of nutrients e.g. carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins etc.

Have fun completing your Nutrition diary!


Mr Everden and Miss Patel