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Our Amazing School Trip

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Wow what an amazing trip we went to the Museum of London.

The children were really well behaved, they did the school proud!

We had an activity where we were able to hold real life objects! It was brilliant!


Some of us (including Mr. Everden) got to dress up!


What do you notice about Courtney, what real Roman objects does she have on her?


What do you think the objects above are?

Reminder! Isaiah Class Trip Tomorrow



I did remind everyone that our class trip was tomorrow at the end of the day, but please ensure that children have the correct school uniform on, that they are in on time, and that they have a healthy packed lunch which is in a plastic bag (unless you asked for a school one which will be supplied).


Thanks very much,


Mr Everden

(Please note, this is just for Isaiah class, Job is going later in the term)

Homework Year 3



Hope the homework went ok last week. Thanks for the amazing photos!

Please find attached the new homework sheet for this week (sheet 2). It’s stuck into their books.




Mr Everden