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Isaiah class letter to Amos class


Year 3 Isaiah

Our Ladys and St Joseph primary school

Wades place


E14 0DE


Dear Amos Class (and Mr Everdon),

Last Friday we went to the Natural History Museum and saw dinosaurs and other things. We saw really big dinosaur skeletons. We saw a moving T-rex. A T-rex is a kind of dinosaurs. It has small arms that can’t even reach its mouth. A T-rex is a carnivore that has sharp teeth. It used to be known as the biggest dinosaur on the planet but years later the Giganotosaurus skeleton was found and we now know it is now one of the biggest dinosaurs in the world. T-rex means king lizard. The T-rex has a big head and a long tail.

The Spinosaurus has so many spines. Also the Spinosaurus means spiny lizard. It was also a carnivore. It puts its mouth into the river to catch its prey.

When we went to the Natural History museum we went up some escalators inside a huge planet and we saw rocks. When we went through the planet earth we heard all weird noises and thought it was crazy. We saw lots of minerals.  Minerals are types of stone which helps us to survive. As we went up into a room we saw lots of diamonds and crystals. We saw some amethysts and tigers eyes. You can find amethysts in all different shapes and sizes. It is a purple jewel which is a type of quartz. We saw meteorites.

We met Mary Annings who is a famous palaeontologist and fossil collector. The fossil woman showed us a snake fossil and a devils toenail.

Amos class what is your favourite dinosaur? Can you tell me what you have been learning about in Amos class? Do you know who wrote Stone Girl Bone Girl?  What have you been doing in Maths? What kind of fossils do you know of? What have you been learning in Year 5?


What have you been doing on the weekend?


Yours Sincerely,


Year 3 Isaiah

(PS please watch our video below)

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