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Year 3 Isaiah class Assembly – Playing the recorder

The children were fantastic last week playing the recorder for our class assembly. I was so proud of them and impressed that they learnt to play 6 songs in one week. Here are some pictures from our Assembly. The children learnt to play Londons burning, Hot cross buns, Mary had a little Lamb, London Bridge, Old Mcdonald and Three Blind Mice.


P1040151 P1040149 P1040148 P1040147 P1040146 P1040145 P1040144 P1040143 P1040141 P1040140 P1040139 P1040138 P1040137 P1040136 P1040134 P1040133 P1040130 P1040128 P1040127 P1040126

5 Replies to “Year 3 Isaiah class Assembly – Playing the recorder”

  1. Amazing assembly Isaiah! You should all be extremely proud of the dedication you all put in to learning each piece of music. It was a pleasure to listen to! 🙂

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