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Letter from an author – Laurence Anholt – Stone Girl Bone Girl

As we were have been reading Stone Girl Bone girl and learning lots of things about Mary Annings we decided to write a letter to the authors of Stone Girl Bone Girl (Laurence Anholt). We were so lucky because he decided to write us a letter back. Here is the letter he wrote us and the letter we wrote to him below.
Dear Friends in Year 3 at Our Lady’s and St Joseph’s School,
Thank you for your lovely message. It’s great to know that you enjoy our books. You asked lots of interesting questions…

How many silly stories have you made?

Believe it or not. I have lost count. I think it’s somewhere between 30 and 40. The Seriously Silly Stories are written by me (Laurence) and illustrated by my friend, Arthur Robins. We’ve just finished a new series called the Scary Fairy Tales, which are also funny versions of traditional stories, but they are full of ghosts, zombies, skeletons and other silly and scary characters. I have attached some of the new covers below.

How old were you when you wrote your books?

Catherine and I started making books when our first daughter was born – that was thirty years ago. We’ve been doing it ever since.

 How did you find the imagination to write and illustrate your stories?

I think it’s just practice, but I promise that if I locked you in a room with a blank piece of paper and a pencil and told you that you couldn’t come out until you had thought of ten brilliant new ideas for books, you would find the imagination too!

Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have two brothers and a sister and Catherine is one of eight siblings. All of our siblings have children of their own, so that means we have some very big family get-togethers!

Do you have any pets?

Well this is a bit sad – our lovely cat died last year, but he was very old. So we don’t have any pets at the moment… but, we live in the wild countryside surrounded by wildlife, so every day we see deer, foxes, badgers, buzzards and all kinds of amazing animals. Also we are lucky enough to have some wildflower meadows where we have bee hives too.

We know that you have twins. How old are they now?

Yes, we have three children – our oldest daughter Claire is 30 and for the United Nations in New York. She does amazing work with climate change and Human Rights. She is married to a lovely Frenchman. Our twins are 27 – Maddy is an actor, writer and radio presenter and she lives in London. Tom is an artist in Berlin and his wonderful paintings sell in galleries in Germany and Denmark. They are amazing young people and we love them to bits!

How do you make up jokes for your stories?

Again it’s just practice. If you spend all day pushing words around, it just becomes a habit. The main thing is to have fun when you are writing or drawing. if you enjoy doing it, the books should be fun to look at too.

What kind of paint do you use?

We use watercolours, inks and crayons. But Catherine and I each have a studio filled with wonderful artists’ materials.
Now you know all about us and you can find lots more information at our website.
Finally you asked if we ever make school visits? I am very sorry to say that after more than 25 years of taking part in book events in the UK and abroad, Catherine and I have decided that we need to take some time out because we are so busy with new books. It’s a shame because we love meeting all our lovely readers but sadly there just isn’t time to do everything!
We send our very best wishes to you all and hope you will carry on reading, writing and having loads of fun at school.
With all best wishes from,
Laurence Anholt x


On 4 Feb 2015, at 9:25 am, Jan <> wrote:
Hi there,

Thanks for your getting in touch. I’ve passed your questions on to Laurence and Catherine and they will respond as soon as they can.
All best for now,
Jan Turner

(On behalf of Catherine and Laurence Anholt)
Double Gold winners of the Nestlé Smarties Book Award

Visit the Anholt website… 

Connect on Twitter: @LaurenceAnholt

<Anholt Artists  series small.jpg>


On 3 Feb 2015, at 11:10 am, Isaiah class wrote:

Dear Laurence and Catherine Anholt,

Year 3 have been learning about your interesting book. Our class have been learning lots of interesting things about both of you. We have read one of your books called Stone Girl, Bone Girl. We know that you have made some Silly Stories and you have written 200 books. I think your books are amazing. How many silly stories have you made?

We enjoyed the part where Mary Annings and her dog found the sea monster. We liked the bit where Pepper made the necklace for Mary. Also we thought the bit where Mary got struck by lightning was really cool because she survived. It was lucky that at the end Mary and her mother were no longer poor.

How old were you when you wrote your books? How did you find the imagination to write and illustrate your stories?  Do you have any siblings? Also how do you get interesting facts from other people? Do you have any pets? We know that you have twins. How old are they now? How do you make your pictures so interesting?  How do you make up jokes for your stories? Your pictures were colourful and lovely. What kind of paint do you use? Catherine you had some beautiful pictures of trees.

We are really interested in authors so can you come and visit us to maybe write one of your brilliant stories with us. We are in Our Ladys and St Joseph school which is in Poplar. If you come can you please make a picture for our class

Your sincerely,

Isaiah class

Year 3

Our Ladys and St Joseph.

Isaiah class letter to Amos class


Year 3 Isaiah

Our Ladys and St Joseph primary school

Wades place


E14 0DE


Dear Amos Class (and Mr Everdon),

Last Friday we went to the Natural History Museum and saw dinosaurs and other things. We saw really big dinosaur skeletons. We saw a moving T-rex. A T-rex is a kind of dinosaurs. It has small arms that can’t even reach its mouth. A T-rex is a carnivore that has sharp teeth. It used to be known as the biggest dinosaur on the planet but years later the Giganotosaurus skeleton was found and we now know it is now one of the biggest dinosaurs in the world. T-rex means king lizard. The T-rex has a big head and a long tail.

The Spinosaurus has so many spines. Also the Spinosaurus means spiny lizard. It was also a carnivore. It puts its mouth into the river to catch its prey.

When we went to the Natural History museum we went up some escalators inside a huge planet and we saw rocks. When we went through the planet earth we heard all weird noises and thought it was crazy. We saw lots of minerals.  Minerals are types of stone which helps us to survive. As we went up into a room we saw lots of diamonds and crystals. We saw some amethysts and tigers eyes. You can find amethysts in all different shapes and sizes. It is a purple jewel which is a type of quartz. We saw meteorites.

We met Mary Annings who is a famous palaeontologist and fossil collector. The fossil woman showed us a snake fossil and a devils toenail.

Amos class what is your favourite dinosaur? Can you tell me what you have been learning about in Amos class? Do you know who wrote Stone Girl Bone Girl?  What have you been doing in Maths? What kind of fossils do you know of? What have you been learning in Year 5?


What have you been doing on the weekend?


Yours Sincerely,


Year 3 Isaiah

(PS please watch our video below)

Movie on 09-02-2015 at 11.28 #2

Natural History museum.

On Friday we went to the Natural history museum. We got to see Mary Annings who is a famous palaentogist who we have been learning about in Literacy. She is the main character in the story Stone Girl Bone Girl.


After we found out more about Mary Annings we decided to go and have a look around to see different parts of the museum. We saw lots of dinosaur bones and lots of minerals as well as lots of other interesting things. Here are some pictures from the trip.DSC01249 DSC01253 P1040260 P1040189 P1040183 P1040182 P1040181 P1040180 P1040179 P1040178 P1040175 P1040174 P1040173 P1040171 P1040170 P1040169 P1040168 DSCF0767 DSCF0766 DSCF0747 DSCF0746 DSCF0740 DSCF0739 DSCF0732 DSCF0731 DSCF0730 DSCF0729 DSC01277 DSC01275 DSC01270 DSC01195 DSC01194 DSC01191 DSC01190 DSC01188 DSC01185 DSC01184 P1040177 P1040176 DSC01183 DSC01182 P1040257 P1040247 P1040232 P1040225 P1040224 P1040219 P1040218 P1040217 P1040216 P1040215 P1040206 DSC01218 DSC01217 DSC01216 DSC01212 DSCF0746 DSC01158 DSC01157 DSC01156 DSC01153 DSC01151 DSC01150 DSC01148 DSC01147 DSC01146 DSC01150 DSC01148 DSC01147 DSC01146 DSC01146

Year 3 Isaiah class Assembly – Playing the recorder

The children were fantastic last week playing the recorder for our class assembly. I was so proud of them and impressed that they learnt to play 6 songs in one week. Here are some pictures from our Assembly. The children learnt to play Londons burning, Hot cross buns, Mary had a little Lamb, London Bridge, Old Mcdonald and Three Blind Mice.


P1040151 P1040149 P1040148 P1040147 P1040146 P1040145 P1040144 P1040143 P1040141 P1040140 P1040139 P1040138 P1040137 P1040136 P1040134 P1040133 P1040130 P1040128 P1040127 P1040126