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Making volcanoes

Here are some of our volcanoes that we made this term. Please take a look. The children worked really hard on them and did an experiment with them to see how volcanoes erupt. To do this we had a bottle lid inside the top of their volcanoes. We added baking power, red dye and then some vinegar and we watched the volcano bubble and erupt.


P1030854P1030855 P1030884P1030856 P1030857 P1030859

We hope you like them.

Making a Rosary for Brogan Year 4

Last year I made Rosaries with my class and hopefully I will do the same for my new class soon…


Brogan from Year 4 you asked me where I got all the pieces to make the rosaries we made last year. So here they are:


The beads were from:

The cord was this one:

Here is where you get the crucifixes:


It is really nice to hear children asking for things they would like to do at home.


Good luck making them as I enjoyed making them with you.


Do show me when you have finished it Brogan 🙂




Year 3 – Isaiah – Rocks and Soils – Soanes centre

We have been learning about Rocks and soils and we visited the Soanes centre. The children were great and a real credit to the school. They learnt lots about the different rocks and soils that we have around us. Here are some pictures from our trip. Please take a look.

Please check these websites for more information:


Soanes Centre – Rocks and soils

All of year 3 are visiting the Soane Centre in Tower Hamlets cemetery park. We will be investigating different rocks and testing them for their properties. We have already learnt quite a lot about different rocks and we think rocks rock! Which rocks do you think you will see in the park?


How amazing is our earth and it is made of rocks.

Look at this site to find out more: