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Today in RE we considered the following question:

We worked together and wrote some shared answers on the interactive whiteboard:

After that, we wrote our ideas in our books. Mr Smith then typed up some of the responses for our class display. Look below for some examples!

Rohan’s Impressive Topic Homework (St Dymphna)

Rohan impressed his classmates with the incredible homework project he had undertaken over the last week. He created a biography of King Charles II, a colour drawing of the Great Fire of London and a Fire Safety information poster. Take a look at the pictures of his presentation – and note the Head Teacher’s gold award pinned to his jumper! Well done, Rohan!

Stuart Era building homework project

Take a look at some of the art projects the students in St Dymphna class brought into school this week! They are gorgeous pictures and model replicas of the Tudor and Stuart era buildings that were burned down during the Great Fire of London in 1666 CE. Can you tell what materials were used to make them?

Collagraphy in year 2

We have been making our own printing tiles by sticking cardboard pieces on to a cardboard tile.

First we looked at Clare Romano’s work for inspiration to sketch our own landscapes.

A collograph is essentially a collage of materials of various textures glued on to a printing plate, often a thin wood or cardboard.


This week we have been learning about Judaism across the school. In Year 2 we learned about the different signs and symbols of the Jewish faith including: Synagogue, Torah, Hebrew, Menorah, Rabbir, tallit and kippah.