Year 1 homework – 23.05.19

Over the half-term, please practise reading the ‘Nonsense Alien Words’ and the ‘Real Words’ on the phonics sheets.

Look out for digraphs, trigraphs and split digraphs!

We wish you a very well deserved rest!

Have a wonderful holiday. The Year 1 team.

Trip to London City Airport

Today we visited London City Airport for our topic on ‘flight’.  We wanted to find out how people travel on modern planes.  We learned that people take their luggage on holiday with them, and it is checked in by the check-in staff. We met the friendly BA staff at the check-in desk and we were all given a special sticker!

Then we went upstairs to the boarding lounge and learnt about what you can take with you in the cabin. We looked at some pictures of different items and had to find those up to 100ml. We looked at the flight departure screen, destinations, and time of flights.

We were lucky to meet a pilot and we also saw the policemen who help keep the airport safe. 

Lastly (and by far the best part of our trip) we got to watch the planes take off and land!

Year 1 fly to Barbados!

Year 1 enjoyed a special morning to celebrate our topic on ‘Flight’. The children had their passports stamped and made their way through ‘security’ to board a ‘flight’! We met the pilot, watched a safety video, fastened our seatbelts and…whooosh!

Once ascended, we enjoyed the in-flight entertainment, and a light snack before descending in sunny Barbados!

In class we got to compare aeroplanes from different eras. We used a flight simulator, a fan and a spray bottle to simulate being in an old Biplane for two! It was lots of fun. Have a look at our pictures: