Noodle Street Trip

This week we enjoyed a special trip to Noodle Street. We learnt about Chinese New Year and tasted many different dishes. We were given a fortune cookie to take home and a red envelope with money inside. A Chinese New Year custom known as Hongbao in Mandarin.

Wolf Alarm Advert

In Literacy this week we learnt about different types of adverts. We decided to create a radio advert, focusing on the tone, speed and volume of our voices. We hoped that by doing this we captured the audiences’s attention; pigs buying wolf alarm to protect them from the Big Bad Wolf!

Careers Day!

Today we have been learning about different careers.

In Literacy we learnt about the role of a Journalist. We wrote a newspaper report about the big bad wolf using descriptive language and captions.

We are very lucky that Caterina’s mum came to visit us! We learnt that she is an Architect and designs lots of different buildings. We saw a laser that helped her to measure the height and length of a building. We also learnt about interior design, this type of design is for the inside of a building. We were able to look at different floor and wall samples. We then helped design the inside of a flat. It was lots of fun!

Lastly we had a special treat in the school kitchen where we got to work with Oscar, our chef, who taught us how to make pizzas! They were delicious! Thank you Oscar!