Homework 29/03

During the Easter Break we would like you to practise phonics with your chid. A pack has been sent home to help you with this, for further practise you can also visit the sites posted in our phonics screening blog post  .

We would also like everyone to practise the timetable by playing timetable rockstar, we have set a competition between Ezra class and Tobit class. To help launch our topic for next half term we would like the children to create something that can fly. Attached is the sheet sent home explaining the project homework and times table rockstar. 

We hope you have a fantastic Easter !

Project homework 29/03

Miss Peck and Miss Cheung



Phonics Screening

Phonics Screening 

Phonics screening is a national requirement set by the government. It will be carried out in school by a familiar member of staff in the summer term. The screening is made up of pseudowords – the children will know it as “alien words” as well as real words. During the screening children will be asked to read 40 words, last year the expected standard was 32/40, however this can change as the pass mark is not revealed to teachers until after the screening.  

Examples of Pseudowords but known as alien words to children.

Below are some links to help practice phonics online.






Homework 15/03/2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find below homework for this week.

Just like last week, we would like both Math classes to practice multiplication and division by playing https://ttrockstars.com/login  Logins are stuck in to reading records. If you have any issue logging in; please speak to one of us. To ensure children are practicing the correct timestable please select            ” garage” or “arena”. Selecting any other option will result in sums which maybe too difficult for your child.


Extended Writing

In preparation for Poetry week we would like children to try to memorise the attached poem. Those who wish to recite the poem to the school in assembly will be considered for selection.

Miss Lucy Poem

Miss Peck and Miss Cheung


Science Week

Science Week

To celebrate Science week the children got to do multiple experiments in KS1 the children got to make model cars where they learnt about speed, friction and forces: push and pull. They also learnt about insulation , where they had to design a contraption to protect an egg. Some delicious ice cream was made; in this lesson children learnt about changing states and finally they got to make fireworks in a bottle; a beginners lesson to chemical change. We all had lots of  fun !

World Book Day

World Book Day

Due to the snow, we had to delay our world book day celebrations but this did not dampen the spirits of everyone. Everybody had fantastic costumes and looked fabulous. To celebrate the children got to listen to stories from a different member of staff.



Homework 8/03

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week in maths we have been learning how to multiply using practical objects and arrays. This week’s maths homework is Times Table Rock stars. Can you please use the link below for your child to complete the multiplication equations.  https://ttrockstars.com/login  Individual logins are stuck at the front of reading records. It is important children use their own login as the system tracks progression as well as identifying areas to improve on.  Writing homework is attached below.

Sentences 08/03

Extended writing 08/03


Miss Peck and Miss Cheung

Mothers’ Day Morning

Mother’s Day Morning

This morning we invited all mothers to a mother’s day morning for some breakfast and craft activities. The children were excited to make things for their mums and even more excited to be creating things with them. We hope you all have a fantastic mother’s day.