Toy Day

Toy Day

Today we had toy day, this was to launch our new topic: Toys. We enjoyed looking at all the toys and comparing them. We looked at how the toys are similar and different. The children also explained why they liked the toy they had brought in.

Welcome back !

Welcome Back ! 

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas holiday. It is lovely to have all the children back. We have enjoyed looking at all the creative houses and rooms for the pigs. The children have enthusiastically shared their creations to the class. They all look fantastic. Well done for all your hard work and we hope this continues throughout the term. Below are some pictures of the houses and rooms. 

Houses and rooms for a little pig.

A house/room for a little pig

Houses and rooms for a little pig.

A house or a room for a little pig

A house/ room for a little pig

Homework 04/01/2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Due to the short week, we have decided not to give maths and sentences homework. Instead, we are sending home handwriting practice sheets. This is the scheme of cursive handwriting adopted by the school. Children will continue to practise their handwriting in the mornings.

We would also like you to help your child answer our new AT2 question:

” How are you loved by God ? ” 

Please click on the link and leave your response.


Miss Peck & Miss Cheung