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Year 5 Visit the Science Museum 🧬🧪👩‍🔬🧑🏽‍🔬

Year 5 started their week off with a bang with a visit to The Science Museum! We took public transport from school and went straight into the iMAX to watch a short film about our amazing planet! The 3D cinema was a great experience, and lots of us even put out our hands to touch what was on screen. In the afternoon, we went to look at 2 exhibits – The Making of the Modern World and Space – before coming home.

Year 6 – Constructing Periscopes 🔭💡

By Winner

”In Science, I made a periscope by using 45 degree angles in a shoe box to make a periscope with mirrors- you must place the mirrors carefully.”

By Mya

“In Science, we made periscope using a cereal box and mirrors. Sadly, it didn’t work at first but we eventually made it work!

How we made it:

First, we got a cereal box 

Next, we had to cut the top off the cereal box

After, we had to draw out 2 outlines of the mirror on the side of the cereal box and cut out the outline to make a little flap

Then, you tape the mirrors and slanted at 45 degrees in the shoe box were the flap is 

Finally, you can test it out to see if it works 

Items you will need:

Cereal box\shoe box



white board pen ”