School Council Visit Tower Bridge!

On Wednesday 17th January OLSJ’s School Council visited Tower Bridge and got the opportunity to learn all about its history.

We climbed to the top of the tower and saw all of the wonderful London Landmarks.

We were brave enough to walk across the glass walkway and see the sights below.

Take a look at our fantastic pictures from the trip….

School Councillors 2018 / 19

Potato Patch

We have been out weeding our potato patch to make sure they get the best chance to thrive. They are coming along really well, we can’t wait until harvest time!

Stay tuned for our next exciting project…


Let it Grow

Now that the Beast from the East has gone we can finally plant our potatoes. In the sun, we dug holes for our potatoes; making sure the eyes were facing up. We can’t wait for them to grow.


Chitting Potatoes

To prepare for revamping our garden we are chitting potatoes. This means we are waiting for them to sprout, this will take a few weeks ; just in time for the last frost. When this happens the potatoes will be ready to be planted. We can’t wait to see them grow and count how many potatoes we have.


School Council Project

This term the school council will be looking after the garden near the back gate. Currently, it is covered in a tarp and looks unloved. We plan to plant various things including potatoes and sunflowers to encourage wildlife into the space. We also hope to raise some money from the things we grow. Some of the school councillors had great ideas.

David ” we can donate plants”
Beatriz “We can cover it with grass”

Currently, the weather is too poor to start work on the garden however, we can prepare by chitting potatoes. Chitting is a process where potatoes are left in warm, light conditions for them to sprout. We will be monitoring the growth to determine when the potatoes are ready to be planted.

Meeting with Mr. Devereux

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This week the School Council met with Mr Devereux to discuss how things were going in the school, across all areas.

The meeting started with prayers: The Sign of The Cross and a Hail Mary. We also prayed for God’s guidance during our meeting.

They were asked what was currently working well and then what they thought needed improvment.

What’s working well:

·         Reagan: I like PE, especially football

·         Rachel: Art is good in my class. We get to paint and make shapes.

·         Olek: I like art too. I have enjoyed making the Christmas decorations and we also make Santa had-print decorations.

·         Alicia: I enjoy all the fundraising we do. I especially like the Carol Service at Waitrose.

·         David: I think maths is great. I have really enjoyed doing our tests this week.

·         Kiela: I think choir is working well. I had a brilliant time at Mulberry Place  – singing and selling sandwiches.

·         Beatrice: I love art; doing different patterns and shapes with different colours.

·         Laurie: Year 4 have a great reward system which uses fake money. I think we could use this idea in all classrooms.

Things we need to improve:

Olek: We have had no ice-skating yet. I think it would be great to have it in the Spring Term like we did last year.

Kiela: I think we could do the fake money as a reward system like they do in Year 5

Laurie: I would like to have more Topic based projects as part of our homework.

Overall the meeting was very positive and the children are very happy with the behaviour of others and they reported back that they enjoy their learning.

The meeting ended with a prayer: The Sign of The Cross; we then all sang ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ before heading for lunch.

RE with Miss Lynch

Last week, the school council met with Miss Lynch to discuss the teaching of RE in our school. Many of the students had lots of positive things to say about the subject. Teddy in Year 6 commented on how much the Year 6 classes enjoy doing Daily Acts of Worship(DAOW). Kiela  also mentioned how much she enjoyed praying the Lectio Divina this half term, with Olek adding how much he loved getting the chance to also pray it at home with his family for homework.

Regarding what the school councillors wanted to change, students spoke about having more opportunity to go on the school RE blog during class time and for homework. They also expressed their wish to see more of the school Chaplaincy team and even having the opportunity to do things with them.

There were some fantastic suggestions this week; well done team! 🙂

  Science with Miss Cargill

Today, the school councillors met with Miss Cargill to discuss Science across the school. Students reported enjoying science lessons in general however some mentioned how they would enjoy doing more activities and experiments.

Students also hoped to get more Science projects as homework as they find them fun!

Topic with Miss Crean



This week, the school councillors met with Miss Crean to discuss Topic. Students discussed what they like and dislike about how the subject is taught in our school, with many sharing their wish to have more topic lessons in a week, as they are fun and interesting. Olek felt that students should be given more Topic homework, like mini half term projects, something that has already been implemented in Upper KS2. Students also spoke about how much they enjoy their school trips, as they always interlink with their topic lessons.