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Reception Spring 2 – Week 1

We have had an exciting week back after half term. Some of the things we have been up to this week are making pancakes, learning about odd and even numbers and new phonics sounds!

Phonics: This week we started Phase 3, set 8. We have introduced these following sounds:  ch – ng – sh – th.

In Maths, we have introduced the concept of odd and even numbers. An even number is a number that can be divided into two equal groups. An odd number is a number that cannot be divided into two equal groups. Even numbers end in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 0 regardless of how many digits they have (we know the number 5,917,624 is even because it ends in a 4!).

For R.E, we learned about Shrove Tuesday and that it is also called pancake day. We now know it is the day before Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of lent. We then wrote our own pancake recipes and pretended to make our own pancakes in the role play area.

St Patrick’s Trip to the Idea store

This Tuesday, St patrick class went on a trip to the Idea store for the morning. While there we enjoyed story time and then had a chance to check out the children’s library. We were able to read information books, comic books and a whole lot more. The children really enjoyed being able to choose their own books and read with the adults who came with us. A big thank you to the parent’s that volunteered to help with the trip!

Last week of Spring 1 in Reception

In Maths we have learnt about weight using balance scales; children have learnt how to use them independently. We have talked about how we feel when we hold heavy or light objects and how we can distinguish them. Children were able to use mathematical vocabulary when comparing different objects “The rock is heavier than the feather” “The chair is lighter than the table”

This week we started Phase 3, set 7. We have introduced these following sounds: y – z – zz – qu