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Reception week 21.11.22

We have been very busy in Reception this week! We have been learning how to count and order numbers from 11-20, and also sat in small groups to play dominoes… so much fun!

We are already writing words independently with the sounds we already know : s-a-t-p-i-n-m-d. Well done children for all your hard work!!

Busy week in Reception!! 18.11.22

This week we have started Phase 2 in phonics, so children are learning how to write and read s-a-t-p letters, well done!

We also have been focusing again in substracting. We played a game where we pretended to be on a bus: as people were getting off, we had to count how many were left… so much fun 🙂

To improve our fine & gross motor skills, we are trying to go everyday to Mary’s garden and children are enjoying climbing up and down and also improving their balance.

Thank you parents for all your support at home with the homework.

Reception 1/11/22

Children are getting very good at writing High Frequency words independently. Please, keep encouraging your child to memorize and write them at home.

In Maths, children were able to draw different kind of shapes: rectangles, triangles, squares, pentagons,… good work Reception children! And again, thank you parents for your support at home every week with the homework and reading books.

High Frequency words

Children are working very hard at memorizing/identifying all the High Frequency words we know so far! Some of them are writing them already, good work!! 🙂 Please parents, keep working with them at home every time you read phonics books. Much appreciated!

Second week in Reception!

It has been an amazing second week in Reception. . We are focusing in learning the new rules and routine we need to adapt to. The children are starting to make new friends and learning everyone’s names.

Please, encourage your child to write his/her name at home independently.

We share a few of the photos from this week. Have a lovely weekend 🙂