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Week 3 Reception

This week in reception, we have been learning about hand raised animals on farms after reading the book “Will you be my Mother?”. During the mornings we have been writing describing sentences about animals you would find on a farm. In phonics, we have been revising our phase 2 sounds with lots of blending and segmenting games. In Maths, we have been using ten frames to start to write adding number sentences. We learned about the story of feeding the 5000 in R.E this week and had lots of fun decorating fish on the art table. 

First week back after Christmas – Reception

This week, the children have been settling back into the routine of school again after their Christmas holidays. We are looking at the book Hairy Bear in shared reading and are writing about animals in the Arctic circle. The children have been having fun doing lots of activities surrounding this and should be able to tell you about the many wonderful animals that live there.

We are starting a new topic in R.E this half term, where we will learn about The Magi (The Three Wise Men), Jesus feeding the 5000 and many other stories revolving around Jesus.