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Reception week 11/12/23

This week we have been very busy finding high frequency words in our lovely big books for Shared Reading.

In Maths, children are slowly learning how to take away independently. Also, they are improving a lot in their number writing, some of them being able to write up to 20!! 🙂

RSE in St Brigid/Reception: Friendship

Today we have been talking about Friendship. Children were able to name their friends and describe how a good friend should be. We also thanked God for giving us friends and asked to make us good friends to others being kind and loving. We ended the session hugging to our friends and saying I love you to them

Writing in Reception

As you can see on the photos, children are starting to use the graphemes to create words and they are really enjoying it! We are working hard with the High Frequency words, so the children memorize them as fast as they can. Thank you so much for all the parents who are revising them at home with their children 🙂

RE: Advent poster in Reception

Children in St Brigid created a whole class poster about the things they want to do during Advent time to get ready for the coming of Jesus. They were giving ideas as helping our friends, remembering to flush the toilet :), use kind hands and words, hug and love Jesus more; aren’t they amazing?