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Reception Week 5 – 27th November 2023

This week we have been leaning about the season of advent which will be starting soon. The children have learned about the 4 candles of advent: Hope, Love, Peace and Joy. We made a lovely advent wreath with prints of our hands. We are continuing practice for the Nativity and will be trying on our costumes this week, so please make sure you bring in your child’s costumes from the costume letter.

In Phonics we have been revising the sounds we already know and assessing what sounds your child knows. In Maths, we have been learning more about 3D shapes and have been doing lots of exciting shape activities in class.

Children in Need in Reception

Today we have celebrated Children in Need day in Reception. Children were able to bring their own clothes to school and we had great conversations about different ways of helping children who need our help. Thank you for all the parents who have made the donation for them. Thank you God for the opportunity of giving and share what you give to us!

Reception week 13/11/23

In Reception, children are trying very hard to start writing with the sounds they already know from Phase 2, set 1 & 2, using their finger spaces between the words.

Also, they are working in memorising all the High Frequency Words which are very important to read and write. Thank you so much to all the parents who are already working alongside us in this matter.

We keep learning about our Autumn 2 topic: People who Help us. Children are learning the importance of each job and its description. They are coming up with a lot of new ideas of what they want to be when they grow up.

Autumn Term 2 Week 2

This week in Reception, we are celebrating Remembrance Sunday by making poppies in class. We will also be creating beautiful autumn art with all the leaves the children have been bringing in, so stay tuned for the fabulous photos. Finally, we are carrying on with adding this week in Maths and we are starting phase 2 phonics starting with the sounds s,a,t and p.

First week in Autumn 2

We have started the topic of “People who help us” this term. Children are enjoying the firemen costumes and the fire station role play area. They have been working very hard matching the transport to the right job, using their cutting skills. We have also learnt the important number we need to dial in case of an emergency: 999

We keep learning how to write numbers from 0-10 correctly; thank you for all your support at home in this matter.