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Reception week

The children have come very excited after half term πŸ™‚

This week we have introduced the topic for the next few weeks : Planting. Each Reception class had a pot where they could plant some seeds in, and we have decided what we wanted to plant. Samuel class planted Butterfly garden flowers, and Ruth class decided to plant sunflowers. The children are responsible to water the plants every day and make sure they have sunlight.

In Maths we have introduced the concept of doubling: A double isΒ a number or an amount that is twice as large as the given number or amount. So, if we multiply a number by 2 or if we add a number to itself, we say that the number is doubled

In Phonics, we have started Phase 3 set 5, learning “j/v/w/x” sounds.

Online Safety day in Reception!

Today we have learnt about the amazing things we can find online but we also looked at how sad some programs/games could make us feel. The children understood they need to ask an adult to turn a device on, and if they see/watch something that it doesn’t seem right, they need to turn it off and tell an adult. We played a game to understand a bit more how to ask for help in different situations

Week in Reception 27.3.23

Reception children are learning so fast!! We feel very proud of how much effort they are putting into their work and we wanted to thank the parents who are supporting us doing the homework at home every week πŸ™‚

Have a look below at the children’s work in Phonics and Maths!

Our week in Reception!

This week Reception have been learning all about ocean animals, we learnt about the different animals you may find in the sea. The children were able to explore sea animals in the small world as well as investigating frozen sea animals. We also spoke about plastic pollution in the sea! We have also been reading ‘Mr Beekman’s Deli’ and have been spotting our HFWs and using our phonics to read!